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Exploring Banywuangi

Can you picture yourself seeing an exotic blue flame flares up from a breathtaking, volcanic crater? Can you imagine the sensation of surfing on one of the best waves in the world? Can you picture the tranquility of stopping by the natural, white sand beach? or, imagine you are standing amidst thousands of folk dancers moving in unison right at
the edge of the beach. and how does it feel to witness such dancers rhythmically moving to their ecstatic trance?

You could experience those excitements in Banyuwangi, east java, indonesia. Being “Little indonesia”, Banyuwangi is a mixture between stunning natural landscape and unparalleled richness in art and culture. reach Banyuwangi in two hours by plane from jakarta, the Capital of indonesia, and transit in surabaya, the capital of east java. From singapore, you could drop by surabaya and continue the trip to Banyuwangi. even from australia, you could fly to Bali first and continue by land after crossing Bali strait to get to Banyuwangi. Renown as the sunrise of java, Banyuwangians are open, friendly egalitarians with strong sense of arts. arts and culture of the Banyuwangians—specifically various forms of traditional dance, music, and rituals—are characterized by elegance, depth of philosophy, and entertaining actions.

Banyuwangi also has triangle diamond with extraordinary tourism potentials. The triangle is a mixture between mountain, beach, and forest area with unparallel value of flora and fauna. one of which is plengkung Beach, a beach with one of the world’s best waves that suits the surfers. and also Merah island Beach and hijau Bay with clean white sand beaches that nature preserves. there is also savanna that will bring you to the time when the world is free, makes your imagination roams wild in an adventurous challenge. in Banyuwangi, everyday is an amazing day. We call it “Banyuwangi experience” that you feel in this place only. nothing’s like Banyuwangi. there is only one. explore Banyuwangi: the place you definitely want to go back to.